All-Region & All-State Required Music Lists

All-Region & All-State Audition Material, Updated 03/14/2023
(SET I for 2023-2024 School Year)


Wind & Percussion for North & South Orchestra (Junior High & Senior High)

Will be chosen from Set I materials. Specific instrumentation for auditions will be announced when region clinicians have submitted their programs for the clinic. Not all Instruments on this list are guaranteed inclusion at this time.

SR High All-Region/All-State WP Scale Sheets - Perc Rudiments (Major, Harmonic Minor, & Chromatic)

These versions may be downloaded and printed. Simply download the complimentary Adobe program. Minor scales must be played in the harmonic minor form only for winds and percussion. If you find errors, please let me know (, and I will correct them.

JR High All-Region WP (Major, Natural Minor, & Chromatic

With Cautionary Accidentals

Without Cautionary Accidentals

SR High String Scales (Major and Melodic Minor)