Information for Region Chairs & Executive Board Members
Updated for 2024-2025

  • Assigned Weeks (PDF)
  • Region Event Schedule (Word) (PDF)– Please submit your region’s dates on this form.
  • Tentative AAA Calendar 2024-2025 (PDF)
  • Summer Board Proposals (PDF) (Word) – Please submit summer board proposals on these forms. Use a separate form for each proposal. Include the names of the people who made and seconded the motion plus the number that voted for and against the motion, as well as those who abstained.
  • AAA-ASBOA Region Event Sanction Form (PDF) (Word)
  • AAA-ASBOA Invitational Event Sanction Form (PDF) (Word)
  • End-of-Year Financial Report for Overage (PDF)
  • ASBOA Sample Ballot to Administrators for Date Changes (PDF)
  • Region Chair & Board Contact Info (PDF)
  • Region Chair/Event Host Manual
  • Concert Assessment Checklist 2024 (PDF)
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