Event Registration

State Concert Contest

April 15-17, 2024

Mon. D's & 5A, Tues. A - 4A, and

Wed. 6A & 7A

Region Concert Contest

All-State Auditions

FEB 2 (JZ) - 3 (WSP), 2024 -Russellville/ATU

Symphony Orchestra On Stage

These lists will be updated as we receive cancellations and confirmations to serve.

Please remember the regulation that passed at the ASBOA general business meeting at ABA 2015.

All-Region & All-State Audition – Directors Must Be Available to Work

Any director that has students registered with ASBOA will be expected to work region junior/senior events and state events as requested. Failure to do so shall result in notification of the proper school administrators. Director absences must be approved by the region officers and the ASBOA executive secretary at least two weeks in advance unless an emergency arises that is deemed acceptable. Region officers handle region auditions; the ASBOA executive secretary handles state auditions.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this effort for our students!