Registration Info & Materials – Registrations Received

Registration Instructions – Please Read!

Forms and fees are due by Sep. 15th or before your first interscholastic event. Unpaid registrants are considered delinquent after Sep. 30th. Only those who have their forms and fees in by Sep. 30th (received at the ASBOA Office) will be included in the membership roster. Those who have not properly registered by Oct. 5th will be ineligible to participate this school year.

School Members

(Directors from AAA Member Schools)

  • Must register in order for students to be eligible to participate in any interscholastic AAA-ASBOA-sanctioned events.
  • All required forms and payments to be sent to your region chair and the ASBOA office are due in the ASBOA Office by Sep. 30th or before your first interscholastic event.
  • You must register your beginners if they are going to participate in any ASBOA or invitational event, including solo-ensemble.
  • You must pay the all-region jazz registration participation fee if you are going to have high school students participate in all-region jazz auditions.
  • You must submit to the ASBOA office:
  1. E-Form (Online Contact Information)
  2. School Registration Statement – All Registered Participating Organizations
  3. Classification Forms for Each Registered Organization
  4. Check for Fees or an Officially Signed School Purchase Order (PO) – Requisition payment from your school EARLY – most schools only write checks ONCE or TWICE a month!!!!!!!!!! (W9)
  •  You must submit to your Region Chair:
  1. A copy of the Classification Form(s) sent to ASBOA
  2. Eligibility – You must meet your school’s guidelines in addition to those from the State Department of Education and the Arkansas Activities Association
  • Please do not send a copy of your eligibility to the ASBOA office.

ASBOA Registration Materials

The deadline for forms and fees to be received at the ASBOA office is Sep. 15th (delinquent after Sep. 30th).

  • School members must submit:
  1. E-Form
  2. School Registration Statement & Payment to ASBOA Office
  3. Appropriate Classification Forms to ASBOA Office & Region Chair
  4. Eligibility to Region Chair Only (Due September 30)

Membership for schools that will have students participating in ASBOA events. If your junior high students are not a part of your high school ensemble/orchestra (see eligibility guidelines), you must submit a registration for that group for them to be eligible to participate in ASBOA events. The same is true for beginning student groups.

To be completed by all school, associate, and sustaining members.

  • Classification Forms must be submitted to:
    1. ASBOA Office
    2. Your Region Chairman

Send to your region chairman—not to the ASBOA office—by Sep. 15th or before your first interscholastic event!

For businesses who would like to be listed in our membership roster. You also receive an updated roster! You may also choose to have a sponsor link on our site.

College and university personnel, private teachers, and anyone who would like to stay in touch with ASBOA.