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State Concert Contest Information

Dates: April 15-17, 2024 Mon. D's & 5A, Tues. A - 4A, and Wed. 6A & 7A

SCC Program 

SCC Finalized Schedule 

Link to Flow Map for SCC

Bus Parking Map and Campus of Bryant 

SCC Complete Results


Junior High and Middle School Honor Ensemble Information and Application

Here is information concerning Honor Ensemble Applications and Selection.

This year’s submission deadline is April 19, 2024.  

Application form to apply.  

All Region Results

Look for results as they are made known here.  

North Orchestra

Adjudication Training:


For those that need to be recalibrated, here is the link.  

For those that have never gone through the adjudication training, be watching for an update on the next session.



Marching Band Student Physicals and Wet Bulb Information

Link to NFHS Heat Illness Web Page and Webinar 

Link to AAA Medical Information including Heat Illness and Student Medicine Forms

ASBOA Registration Deadline

Membership dues shall be payable on or before September 15th each year or before the first scheduled interscholastic event, whichever occurs first (ABA 2006). Dues must be received— not postmarked—in the ASBOA office by September 30th and are considered delinquent after this date.

Submit to the ASBOA Office:

1. Online E-Form (Contact Info)

2. Registration Statement

3. Applicable Classification Forms (Completed, Including Signatures)

4. Payment (Check, Purchase Order, Credit Card)

To Your Region Chair:

1. Copy of Your Completed Classification Form

2. Your List(s) of Eligible Students

All forms are available on this site.

Questions? Send an email to Joseph Gearhart ( or call us at (479) 498-6059.

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ASBOA Business Meeting Agenda