Advocacy and Alliances

Establish and nurture cooperative relationships with other organizations, agencies and professions with whom we share common interests whose ambitions and goals include supporting and expanding the preservation of music.

A.1 Identify and connect with organizations and affiliations that support and encourage music.
A.1.1 Advocate for district, state policies, legislation, and State Board Rules that support music in the schools and provide equal access to music instruction for all students.
A.1.2 Establish collaboration with additional state organizations confronting similar issues.
A.1.3 Develop a platform for the Arkansas Legislative annually.
A.1.4 Develop and distribute a "talking points" brochure each year specific to legislation.
A.1.5 Design strategies encouraging “friends of music” to communicate with legislators.
A.2 Utilize Play It Again Arkansas and other organizations for varied venues of support: e.g. information, students in need, clinics, publicity, etc.
A.3 Advocate daily scheduled general music instruction (to be taught by certified music educators) for all elementary school students in Arkansas.
A.4 Conduct research and distribute results to participants, administrators and legislators of elementary and secondary school music instruction.

A.5 Design and circulate media advocacy strategies.
A.5.1 Develop collaborations, identify common concerns, mutually work toward solutions with other fine arts and education organizations (e.g. ACDA, ASBOA, AMEA, etc.).
A.5.2 Coordinate activities with other music entities in Arkansas.
A.5.3 Promote collaboration between music and other subject areas.
A.5.4 Promote collaboration, propaganda, and workshops with the Arkansas Counselor Association (ARCA) to encourage the importance and merit of scheduling to offer opportunities for all students to participate in music all the way through high school and college.
A.5.5 Collaborate with the ADE a complete music education for students K-12 and beyond.
A.5.6 Create collaboration, propaganda, and workshops with the Arkansas Association of School Boards and the Arkansas Association of Educational Administrators to communicate the role of music in schools.
A.5.7 Create a defined relationship which supports, promotes, interacts, and communicates with community music organizations.
A.5.8 Initiate and expand collaborations on advocacy issues with the music industry and other related industries.
A.6 Encourage more opportunities for industry sponsored clinicians to interact with students.
A.7 Expand our professional learning community.
A.8 Endorse two music representatives to be positioned on the Arkansas Activities Association Board.


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