7. Technology Resource Website

D.1 Design and create an all encompassing resource website to serve needs at various levels: e.g. • Express what music is about

• Increase efficiency in news and information distribution

• Student Achievements Scrapbook

• See themselves in action…Video & pics

• Band Parent Information, schedules, handbook, Calendars

• School District and state legislature contact links

• There is no limit to what can be accomplished… every band in Arkansas have a website that includes the following: pics of current teaching, o accomplishments o help areas-All Region, composition, etc. o historical areas including music eras o biographical areas…composers, musicians o links for educational opportunities

• an exclusive music search engine

• new fronts

• technology areas to promote music skills o composition o theory o basic-advanced music skills o improvisation o programs: e.g. the O-Generator

• library of band recordings • grading…students play their assignments/tryouts in a grading program…rhythm, pulse, pitch, dynamics, etc. which would grade and assigns placement order

• software companies such as Smart Music, Sibelius, Finale, come up a sign is to a district website for the student to use their products

• safe music surfing Educational links • Publishers & Manufacturers

• Music writing software

• Listening instruction and games

• Rhythm instruction and games • Music Theory instruction and games

• Other top quality bands-DCI, JHS, HS, College, United States Military, Community, Professional, Amateur, etc

• Local music event calendar including TMS, BHS, Area Colleges

• university professors share instructional and motivational skill enrichments

• each instrument-method books, fingerings

• recordings

• college info-list of improvement levels to get to college

D.1.1 Create an Arkansas Music Educators Blog and Bulletin Board web site link to address concerns questions, and answers.

D.1.2 Create an online chat room periodically for directors to converse and share ideas.

D.1.3 Continue to improve and place on the website our Survival Guide for new teachers.

D.2 Incorporate innovative music technology into the classroom.

D.3 Get automated!



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