Public Relations and Communication

B.1 Investigate the feasibility and adorability of hiring a lobbyist to promote music education and its interests in Arkansas. Utilize resources from all music education support groups and professional organizations in Arkansas. We will provide “talk points,” concerns, up to date guidance, and direction for the lobbyist to be a voice for Music Education in Arkansas.
B.2 Upgrade the current email networks to include mass emails spearheading achievements, points of interest, concerns.
B.3 Consider establishing a series of Honor Concerts at our All-State Convention each year to provide the unique opportunity to appreciate and witness higher standards of music education.
B.3.1 Select an Advisory Board consisting of the presidents of Arkansas musical organizations to vision the evolution of music.
B.3.2 Initiate an Annual Summit for this board to address needs, concerns, “talk points,” and other issues.
B.4 Establish an Advisory Board consisting of advocates for music (superintendents, principals, legislators, friends of music, etc.) to advise, counsel, make recommendations.
B.5 Acquire, design, and distribute publications, flyers, and other resources that speak for the needs of music.

C.1 Prepare and periodically conduct a pro-music media campaign utilizing email, newspapers, billboards, radio and television commercials, public service announcements, etc.
C.2 Conduct and publish interviews of teachers and administrators in Arkansas Demonstration Schools.
C.3 Develop and publicize an awards program that honors and recognizes those who support music education (state and community leaders, teachers, administrators).
C.4 Schedule informative sessions promoting “talk points” at the annual clinic/conference for teachers and principals.
C.5 Publicize and create a Media Scrapbook on the web site, newspapers etc. Sort by Issue, School, District.
C.6 How to Get a Music Scholarship!
C.6.1 Assimilate and publish music scholarship information. e.g. # scholarships offered, amount.
C.7 Intensify relationships with the media in effort to promote music and music education activities.
C.8 Develop press releases that identify outstanding student achievement.
C.8.1 Communicate with the public regarding musical activities: e.g. awards, honors, achievements, All-State.
C.8.2 Distribute school success stories where increased student achievement has been obtained.
C.9 Encourage the implantation of a linked headlined “Music” page for every newspaper in Arkansas.



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