These comments are not necessarily the opinion of ASBOA or this committee.

They are actual comments from individual members from our organization.

Advocacy and Alliances

1. The use of funds for legislative lobbying would have to be collected on a voluntary way, lobbying is tricky.

2. I like having several representatives on the Arkansas Activities Association Board!

3. Have specific plans of action for each point mentioned above. Get a clear understanding of national standards and Arkansas's place in them.

4. All Good Ideas!

5. Legislators, school boards and superintendants must have ways of funding things like A.3

6. I would like to know more specifics before I recommend plans for advocacy and alliance.

7. The ASBOA office needs to be a part of the AAA office. AAA needs to be forced to create some type of unity between ALL ACTIVITIES and not just focus on athletics. AAA is made up of our administrators, yet they are the ones that complain the most about our conflicts in schedules.

8. I would support this with some reservations. Much of this is being done to some degree already.

9. We should have done this years ago.


These comments are not necessarily the opinion of ASBOA or this committee.

They are actual comments from individual members from our organization.


Public Relations and Communication


1. Cost to the school district is always a concern.

2. Again a lobbyist would be very costly, AEA has lobbyist and they are very expensive in time and organization, most legislators will not talk to you if they know you have limited funds AEA has 12,000 members roughly and has a voluntary donation system, we have in ensemble maybe 500? very costly for us per member.

3. I like giving the students information about how to obtain music scholarships! That is very important for students to get as much information about how to get a ensemble scholarship!

4. Funding??

5. How would we pay for it?

6. I think email is great. However, I do not even open 90 percent of my email. I also think it is important to put the information into the hand of the people of interest.

7. Again, All Good Ideas!

8. Isn't B.1 a current responsibility of the ASBOA Executive Secretary?

9. B.1 - Adorability? It just seems out of place here.

10. Grassroots organizations do these types of things all the time. The media needs to know our kids' music is important.

11. Some of the above would be very helpful, others, less so. For example, I really don't think that we need administrators and legislators trying to advise us and make recommendations. Often, those are the people who do not fully understand what we do.



These comments are not necessarily the opinion of ASBOA or this committee.

They are actual comments from individual members from our organization.

Recruitment and Retention

1. Could offer Spanish language instructors to ensemble directors 

2. This is probably the most important for me. I think I can also help with this. 

3. Two of the most important concerns for music educators. Course scheduling is such an important issue for almost all ensemble directors (ie. music and sports participation)-- it would be nice to have statewide information, trends, #'s of students involved in multiple activities at their school (ensemble, sports, art, drama). Successfully recruiting new music teachers into the profession is so important for the future of quality music education. "Why Teach" brochures would be nice to report the benefits and positives of being a music educator. Distributing them to All-State musicians would be great (maybe also just giving them to other interested non All-State musicians as well). Making it clear to performing students that virtually ALL professional performers teach at some level or another. (ie. If you are principal trumpet of the CSO, you will

still have students that want to take lessons from you--also you will have many institutions that will want you on staff). It's good for them to know, that it is smart to learn how to be an effective teacher no matter what avenue of education they decide to pursue. 

4. The best recruitment is a positive musical experience for our students, provided by quality teaching. 

5. Why Teach should go to every student! 

6. Money? Personnel? Time? 

7. "Why teach' brochures only to All State students? Lot of great educators were not all state musicians! 

8. We need more research and models.


These comments are not necessarily the opinion of ASBOA or this committee.

They are actual comments from individual members from our organization.

Promotion and Preservation

1. F4.2 Bloom's Taxonomy has been revised (twice) since I graduated college. This should reflect these changes. Dr. Tim Carter (ATU) teaches a graduate level class on this. 

2. I think a lot of things are being done in the state by many directors 

3. Considering how to better tap corporate sponsorships are vital to our future. 

4. I would like to see the upgrade of AP courses in music. But, there is not very many colleges (less than 5%) that accept the AP Music Theory course for credit in Music Theory. It usually is counted as a humanities elective. 

5. F1-10 It would be great to do this at the state level so that each school would not have to do this year after year. 

6. I think that our curriculum development is vital for our future. We must continue to show that we have validity. 

7. How much more can we do. 

8. Much of this is being done already. More curriculum strategies do not interest me at all. I am very concerned that any new curriculum committee or new curriculum guidelines could easily get out of hand and begin dictating what we play, when we play, how we play, etc. 

9. Why do we reinvent the wheel. We already did do most of this?


These comments are not necessarily the opinion of ASBOA or this committee.

They are actual comments from individual members from our organization.


Technology Resource Web

1. Get automated! 

2. Smart music has many of the things envisioned in this. Assessments for each student, and 170 concert ensemble pieces. Plus all the solo materials, I used this program on a large scale at the ATU Junior High camp and had good success assessing students, I am also a National Boards Candidate and many of your proposals are in the National Standards, which are available on the NBPTS website.

3. I love the library of ensemble recordings-- that would be such a huge benefit especially for young teachers! The online chat room would also be beneficial for the questions that young teachers have.  

4. Technology is very important in today's music education system, but it must be clearly organized and easily accessible to work. 

5. I try to already do this with our current music department website. There is much more than a calendar with dates of events. There is lots of current information, links, email contact for ensemble Boosters, pictures of everything that we do. 

6. Again, it all takes time and money. Do we have enough teachers and other interested parties with enough time for the extra work involved in doing these great things which fall into the lap of the local ensemble director/music teacher. Also, can we get financial backing for local responsibilities. I like the helps that many of these ideas will be to the music instructor. 

7. This (esp D.1) is too broad in scope and unclear. Refine/define the objectives better. "You can do anything, but you can't do everything" in a website. 

8. We are behind the times...go for it!


These comments are not necessarily the opinion of ASBOA or this committee.

They are actual comments from individual members from our organization.

Honor ensemble

1. The politics of who plays and how they are picked it a big issue. I support the idea, I just get concerned that some ensembles could be overlooked.

2. This is the only way most of us will ever be able to hear other ensembles around our state. 

3. Other states do this and it certainly gets the parents involved in the process!

4. We need to do this. I love hearing ensembles from other schools. IT IS NOT COMPETITION!

5. I love the idea of showcasing our state's best ensembles! 

6. Whoever came up with this is a genius! 

7. My only concern with this is that it not become an exclusively large ensemble event. There are many quality small ensembles that should be featured as well. 

8.  I support this 110%. I think that having featured groups/ensembles perform at the state convention is an excellent idea! Several states already do this (TX, OK, MO, KS) and it's a wonderful opportunity for the students and the community to unite. It is an honor to be selected to play for the state convention. Something that students will remember for years to come. 

9. We have discussed this and discussed it and discussed it. The conclusion has always been that we are not in the business of saying any one ensemble is better than any other. This would put us into a competitive, "my ensemble is better than your ensemble" situation and that is not what this organization is about. Give it up already. 

10. I would like to hear good ensembles maybe at the pro level 

11.  Not sure this will provide a benefit to the majority of ensembles in Arkansas. I think this will be of benefit to only the few ensembles who end up in a stagnant rotation of the "power-house" programs. 

12. I have taught in Texas prior to coming to Arkansas and in Texas they do have honor ensemble/orchestra/choir concerts and I have seen first had the advantages of being able to listen/watch truly excellent performing groups. It is an opportunity to hear good literature and see how some of our top groups do what they do. 

13.   As noted, already addressed by ASBOA. 

14. Time and money are always constraints 

15. This would not be a good move if it is going to be our own groups. If it was college ensembles, then it would be ok. 

16. Not supporting this earlier was in my opinion short-sighted by the membership. Healthy "competition" is a part of our everyday life in ensemble. Why can we not support a form of competition that will encourage the development of outstanding groups? 

17. I do not understand why ASBOA would not support this. What harm would this do? 

18. Let's see a proposal.

19. Put this one away. It would be a waste of our time to debate this again.