Senior High All-State & All-Region Jazz Tryout

Arkansas Jazz Educators (ARJE) Jazz Audition Material for --2020-2021 - Set I
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 Improvisation and Sight-reading will be separate.

Sight-reading will be a separate selection.

Improvisation and sight-reading are two separate scores on the audition sheet.

Students may not read a prepared solo for improvisation - a clean copy will be provided for the audition.

Thanks for you patience as we work through this new set of literature.

Remember,  for scales, two of the key centers (ii V I  progressions included in the jazz packets) and one blues scale.
Blues scales - g, c, f, bb, eb, ab   (Concert Pitch)
Blue scales will be two octaves if they begin on the same pitch as a two octave major scale for All-State Concert ensemble auditions. 
All blues scales will be two octaves for strings and piano. 
Piano scales are to be played hands together. 
The blues scale will be at 90+ in the following pattern: 2/4 - eighth note triplets. 
Any student not playing the required tempo and/or rhythm pattern should receive credit, but shall not be scored above the center line of the scale score sheet. 

Drummers will play 8 measures of 3 specific beat patterns, which will include in 4/4 time:  Bossa, Funk, Samba, Shuffle, Swing, and a Jazz Waltz in 3/4 time.



KEY CENTERS & DRUMSET GUIDE - New Guitar Sheets coming soon