Arkansas School Band and Orchestra Association

The Arkansas School Band & Orchestra Association was first organized in 1930 as the Arkansas Band Association. All records from 1930 through 1935 were in the hands of Lee Wallick and lost in a school fire in Monticello.

In 1935 the name was changed to ASBOA since some school orchestra programs were being instituted at the time.

NOTE: Much of this information is taken from a Master's Thesis at Northwestern University, written by Mrs. Betty Peck, a native of Sheridan and daughter of John Henry Williams, former band director at Sheridan High School.

If the band department at your school has any records from the band movement during the 1930-1935 period contact the ASBOA Office.

During this six year period several personalities within ASBOA were so aggressive that meetings continually got out of control.  Mr. J.A. Day was persuaded to preside at all meetings as our chief Executive Officer. He ran the meetings with a firm grip which gave us at least a modicum of decorum. He was very knowledgeable, understanding, very amiable, and a fine school administrator.
I was a "young kid on the block" and was amazed at his leadership.

Raymond Brandon


1930-31 L. Bruce Jones Little Rock High School
1931-32 L. Bruce Jones Little Rock High School
1932-33 L. Bruce Jones Little Rock High School
1933-34 ?  
1934-35 ?  
1935-36 J. A. Day, Superintendent Fort Smith
1936-37 J. A. Day, Superintendent Fort Smith
1937-38 J. A. Day, Superintendent Fort Smith
1938-39 J. A. Day, Superintendent Fort Smith
1939-40 J. A. Day, Superintendent Fort Smith
1940-41 J. A. Day, Superintendent Fort Smith
1941-42 Addison Wall Fort Smith High School
1942-43 L. E. Crumpler Camden High School
1943-44 Lee Wallick Monticello High School
1944-45 Lee Wallick Monticello High School
1945-46 R. B. Watson Pine Bluff High School
1946-47 L. E. Crumpler Camden High School
1947-48 Lee Wallick Monticello High School
1948-49 R. B. Watson Pine Bluff High School
1949-50 J. Raymond Brandon Texarkana High School
1950-51 Alonzo F. Lape Little Rock High School
1951-52 William E. Lass Searcy High School
1952-53 John Y. Harding Hot Springs High School
1953-54 R. W. Willis Lake Village High School
1954-55 Penn Tucker Benton High School
1955-56 C. A. Hartley Magnolia High School
1956-57 Herbert Cagle El Dorado High School
1957-58 Phil Vance West Memphis
1958-59 Ralph Atkinson Texarkana High School
1959-60 Tommy Kinser Stuttgart High School
1960-61 John Henley III Forrest City High School
1961-62 Dix Stallings El Dorado High School
1962-63 Bill Shaver III Fort Smith Northside High School
1963-64 Jon Barbarotto Newport High School
1964-65 Robert Casey Crossett High School
1965-66 C. Bonner Ruff Camden High School
1966-67 Virgil Spurlin Hot Springs High School
1967-68 H. L. Shepherd Russellville High School
1968-69 Lamar Cole Wynne High School
1969-70 Russell Langston Conway High School
1970-71 Irby Martin McGehee High School
1971-72 Eddie Epperson Van Buren High School
1972-73 Stan Cate Fort Smith Southside High School
1973-74 Al Poston Jonesboro High School
1974-75 Ron Allen Camden High School
1975-76 Danny Lowe Arkadelphia High School
1976-77 Robert Nelson Mountain Home High School
1977-78 Ernie Simpson Manila High School
1978-79 Ron Bryant NLR Ole Main High School
1979-80 Paul Gray Mena High School
1980-81 Ramey Herren Ozark High School
1981-82 Franklin Washburn McClellan High School
1982-83 Don Jones Blytheville High School
1983-84 Pat Ellison Springdale High School
1984-85 Prissy Buchanan Fort Smith Chaffin Junior High
1985-86 Bill Tucker Dumas High School
1986-87 Mike Croom NLR Northeast High School
1987-88 Julia Reynolds Russellville High School
1988-89 Julian Herring Lake Hamilton High School
1989-90 Richard Peer Fort Smith Southside High School
1990-91 Claude Smith Searcy High School
1991-92 Tommy Runnels Forrest City High School
1992-93 Rick Richardson Hot Springs Lakeside High School
1993-94 Gary Barton Jonesboro High School
1994-95 Steve Warner West Memphis High School
1995-96 John Combs Springdale Southwest Junior High
1996-97 Bankie Holley Monticello High School
1997-98 Mike Jones Van Buren High School
1998-99 Lee Clark Jacksonville Junior High School
1999-2000 Tim Cunningham Conway High School
2000-01 David Leonard Jonesboro Annie Camp Junior High
2001-02 Mark Tenney Cabot High School
2002-03 Bill Maxwell Mountain Home Junior High
2003-04 Karen Dismuke North Pulaski High School
2004-05 Travis Beard Russellville High School
2005-06 Dale Marlow Rogers High School
2006-07 Trey Reely Paragould High School
2007-08 John Webb Benton High School
2008-09 Joe Trusty Cabot High School
2009-10 Jennifer Steele Fort Smith Chaffin Junior High
2010-11 Sheila Brooks Conway Bob Courtway Junior High
2011-12 David O. Stuart, Sr. Magnolia High School
2012-13 Cathy Williams West Memphis High School
2013-14 Grant Brinkle Nettleton Junior High School
2014-15 Omar A. Taweel West Fork Senior High School
2015-16 Kevin Taylor Harmony Grove High School
2016-17 Ken Williams Malvern High School
2017-18 Kara Reynolds Cabot High School
2018-19 Greg Bruner Highland High School
2019-20 Dewayne Dove Russellville High School