Hello friends!


On behalf of the ABA Executive Board we would like to thank you for your input on our most recent ABA 2020 survey. Your suggestions have helped guide our decisions concerning the conference schedule for this summer. After much consideration and deliberation, we are super excited to announce that we will host our first (and hopefully only) VIRTUAL ABA 2020!


· Our dates will remain the same. July 29th-August 1st

· We will possibly offer morning sessions and late afternoon/early evening sessions.

· We will attempt to offer each session at two different time slots to accommodate your schedules.

· The bus training will be offered only ONE TIME on Saturday, August 1st

· You must register. New registration fee is $25 per attendee.

· You will be notified as soon as registration materials are ready!

· You will receive state accredited professional development hours.


Many questions will arise. We want to provide you accurate information so your patience is needed while we cover the logistics. Nothing can take the place of meeting with friends and sharing face to face, but at this point we must do what is best for everyone involved. Thank you for your support as we sail into uncharted waters. Updates will be sent as soon as possible. 


We have a brand new vision in 2020!

Janna Lane