Arkansas Bandmasters Association Convention

July 31-August 3, 2019

Little Rock DoubleTree and
State House Convention Center

Boston Brass

Marcia Neel
Jack Stamp
Rick Ghinelli

Directors Schedule

Updated 7-29-19

Registration Form
Open the form,
type directly into the form,

save to your computer with

print when completed for your records
Mail your registration and $$$ to the
ASBOA Office
PO Box 2024
Russellville, AR 72811

as indicated on the Registration Form.

Look forward to
seeing you there!

ABA Golf Flyer
Same instructions as above
except send to Rico Belotti

Door Prize Flyer

Little Rock DoubleTree

More Info Coming Soon!!

Friends and Colleagues, 


It may be a cliche to say it, but I truly cannot believe the end of the year is approaching. As we wrap up the current year triumphantly and begin planning for an even better upcoming year, I hope you will consider recharging your batteries before the new school year begins at the Arkansas Bandmasters Association convention in Little Rock this summer July 31-August 3.

On a personal note, I’d like to thank you all for your thoughts and prayers as we continue to deal with a difficult time at  Greene County Tech. Your support means more than you can possibly fathom. The board has been incredibly supportive and understanding with me in light of these events. I ask for the understanding of the membership as these events have put me a little bit behind on my scheduling deadlines.

This year’s convention will host the Boston Brass as our Friday evening concert group. Marcia Neel, the Senior Director of Education with Yamaha, will be joining us with some fresh, new clinics. Dr. Jack Stamp will also be joining us on Friday.

In addition to these big names, we will also have (to name a few) clinics dealing with trip planning, instrument repair, marching auxiliaries, fun and practical technology, marching show planning, and timpani maintenance. We are also happy to provide our 2nd annual bus driver inservice training right at ABA on Saturday morning!

In addition to the Doubletree Hotel and Robinson Center, we are also happy to be using the extremely exhibit-friendly Statehouse Convention center for the bulk of our Thursday and Friday events.

Best wishes to you all for a successful spring. I hope to see you all at ABA July 31!


Musically yours,
Brian Pearson

ABA President

New Childcare Information

Alexandria's Learning
Registration Due 7/18
Send to
PO Box 2024
Russellville, AR 72811

Please note that the children's part of the registration form has changed
to accommodate all the needs of the membership---


--Children Ages 0-12 Registration will be $15 each
(Includes concerts, exhibits & child banquet ticket w/o childcare)

--Childcare (by Alexandria's Learning Ages 0-12 will be an additional $40.00 each
(Includes childcare, lunch and snacks for Thursday/Friday )

An Adventureland Childcare form must be completed and submitted to ABA for each child
who registers for this daycare service.

--Children Ages 13-18 Registration will be $30 each
(Includes concerts, exhibits & adult banquet ticket)

Spouse Activites

For questions or help concerning
Spouse Activities,
please contact -
Andrea Pearson



I hope that everyone has had a great year so far.  I am having the hardest time believing that we are planning ABA 2019!  It will be here before we all know it.  I love the opportunity that ABA gives me to visit with those of you that I only see this one time each year.  I also don’t mind getting in some shopping time! J  I hope that you all are making plans to come to Little Rock this summer.  On Wednesday, the golf tournament begins at 8:00 am.  The Conway Community Band will be the featured group at the J. Raymond Brandon Kick-Off Concert at 7:00 pm in the DoubleTree Ballroom Wednesday night.


The spouse activities will start on Thursday morning at 9:00 am with the keynote address by Marcia Neel.  The rest of the morning is on your own.  Please make sure to take time to visit the exhibit hall while you are at the Convention.  You can also take time to visit the many attractions that downtown Little Rock has to offer.  Thursday afternoon we will be traveling to Little Rock Board and Brush at 2:00 pm.  We will meet in the lobby and carpool/caravan if you would like.  There we will create our own wooden masterpieces!  Board and Brush strongly encourages us to register for this event early.  They are creating our event link for this and once I have it, I will share it with you all.  When we have the link, you can pick which project you would like to create.  This helps ensure they have all of the materials needed when we show up.  You can also go ahead and pay for the event on their website. 


On Friday we will have lunch at the Flying Fish at 11:00 am.  You can check out their website to get an idea of what you would like to eat when you get there.   We will meet in the lobby at 10:40 am to head that way.  After lunch, we will be taking a guided tour of Little Rock Central High School.  We will learn about the “Little Rock 9” and the events that took place there.  The tour guide says we don’t want to miss it!


For those of you with children, Adventureland will again be offering child-care services.  Please be sure that you register for child-care on the appropriate place on the registration form.  All children MUST be pre-registered for child-care.  The annual BDK picture will be at 12:55 pm on Thursday in the DoubleTree Lobby.  This picture is open to all BDKs no matter the age!


The highlight of the convention will be the Friday night performance of the Boston Brass.  You will not want to miss this performance, so makes plans to attend!  It begins at 8:00 pm following the banquet.  I hope that the activities that we have planned will be interesting and fun for everyone, and I cannot wait to see all of you in Little Rock!   



Andrea Pearson, Chair
Spouse Executive Committee