Please read carefully and adhere to the amount of time allotted.

All visiting ensembles should check well in advance with the home ensemble director for the
amount of time allotted to the visiting groups -- it is not automatically half of the time.
Please be courteous and do not perform past your allotted time.

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From the Arkansas Activities Association


When the Teams Leave the Field

  Clock Time

10 to 20 minutes

  15 Minutes is normal. It may be increased to a maximum of 20 minutes, provided opponents have been notified no later than five minutes prior to the game. By mutual agreement of the opposing coaches, the intermission may be reduced to a minimum of 10 minutes.

MANDATORY Warm-up Activity Following Intermission 3 minutes
  The head coach is responsible for his team being on the field for mandatory warm-up time at the end of the scheduled halftime intermission.


An intermission between halves was initially created to provide a break from competition for the players. That time for rest and recovery for those participants also presented an opportunity for schools to showcase other extracurricular activities, such as marching ensembles, dance and/or spirit groups. However, game management has long been restricted in extending its halftime beyond 15 minutes, unless it has a scheduled homecoming, parents/seniors recognition, or other "special halftime activities." Deleting the requirement of "special halftime activities" before it is permissible to increase an intermission to 20 minutes, provides game management with more flexibility in determining its length of halftime; however, 15 minutes is still the norm. It should be noted that state high school associations retain the authority to restrict the amount of time place on game clocks to anywhere between 10 and 20 minutes. However, neither state associations nor game officials can delete the requirement of the three-minute warm-up period following the halftime period.

*NOTE* The home teamís administration decides who performs at halftime and the length of the performance. It is the administratorís responsibility to make sure the activities are over on time! The HOME team may be penalized if the activities do not end on time.