State Marching Band Contest
(Procedures & Registration Below)

         I.     Qualification to Entry-Schools that choose to participate at the Arkansas State Marching Contest must earn a 1st or 2nd Division at Region
               Marching Assessment.
  Schools will have to pre-register by a prescribed date.  If a band pre-registers for the event, and does not qualify at
               Region Assessment then the entire amount of the registration fee will be refunded.

            II.     Prescribed Date - The event will be held Monday-Tuesday of the 18th AAA calendar week, rain date is Monday-Tuesday of the 19th week.  For  2017
                Monday-Tuesday, October 30-31 - rain date Monday-Tuesday, November 6-7. For 2017 - Classes A, AA, AAA on Monday; Classes AAAA, AAAAA on 

           III.    Fees - The Registration Fee for this event will be $300.00. Tickets for State Marching Contest will be $10 each. Number of passes that will be 
                available for each group are listed in Contest Rules Document below.

           IV.     Format of Contest - The bands will compete by ASBOA Classification in this event. Each band will perform once during the contest (no finals).   
                There will be 3 music judges and 2 visual judges for the event.
  The scoring breakdown would be 60% Music, and 40%  Visual.

             V.     Awards (Find a Corporate Sponsor for Awards)

         1st Division Marching Ensemble

         3rd Place in Class

         2nd Place in Class

         1st Place in Class

         Overall Music

         Overall Visual

          Equipment Truck Parking Passes, Truck & Bus Driver Ticket Passes, Field/Entry Passes, and
Band Director War Memorial Press Box/Field Passes (for the Director Name Tags)

were mailed Tuesday, October 24. You should receive them by Thursday, October 26.
You MUST bring all of these with you to SMC!!!!
Please do not forget!!!!

State Marching Band Contest Procedures   --   All Classes   --   A MUST READ!

Schedule  --  With Warm-up Areas & Times  -Map of War Memorial

Concession Menu & Prices

Rubrics and Adjudication Sheets


g Band Contest Registration